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"...favorite commercial rub, hands-down,
is Knox's Spice Company
Chipotle BBQ Dry Rub"
Dave DeWitt, Fiery Foods and BBQ Magazine

"My personal recommendations are Knox's Dry Rub..."
Chicago Sun Times

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bbq gift baskets, under $30

BBQ dry rub seasoning in a gourmet gift basket, gift box or gift set.

Unique bbq gift baskets including our gourmet regional and specialty seasonings for the person who has everything. Some of the few gourmet gift baskets available that are all gift and not mostly basket and tissue you cannot use.' The gift of flavor' made for the grill master or chef of your house. The perfect gourmet bbq gift basket or seasoning gift set for the bbq fanatic in your life. Gourmet gifts for that someone special you want to know deserve the best and will think of you every time they use them. See our selection of gift baskets. Ranging from $25 to $50 and all containing our regional and specialty dry rubs and seasonings. Makes excellent bbq Christmas gifts, house warming gifts, promotion gift or thank you gift. See our line of bbq gifts and gift baskets by clicking here.


Gourmet BBQ Seaoning. Dry rub seasonings for meat.

Quality crafted bbq dry rub meat seasonings that deliver big flavor with no artificial ingredients, fillers or coloring, all natural just as it should be. Knox's all natural gourmet bbq dry rubs are all flavor (and naturally gluten free). Our four original bbq dry rubs are based on traditional regional favorites. Chipotle BBQ is a taste of the southwest, Jamaican Jerk is the flavor of the Islands and our cracked pepper rub is based on South American Charrasco (for beef lovers!). Yummy Chicken dry rub seasoning is, well....just that, yummy. All our dry rubs are created with no artificial ingredients, fillers or colors, period. Find recipes with other uses in our recipe section.

Chipotle BBQ dry rub

Chipotle BBQ dry rub seasoning (pulled pork, pork chops, southwest chicken, spicy burgers etc.)

For a great south of the border flavor try our Chipotle BBQ dry rub seasoning. Made with smoked (chipotle) Jalapeno peppers and mild Guajillo pepper. Our unique all natural blend of spicy, smoky and sweet makes great bbq easy. Add traditional barbeque flavor to any dish with our Chipotle BBQ dry rub seasoning, from ribs to hamburgers. Also excellent in mashed potatoes and for jazzing up sauces. More>

Jamaican Jerk dry rub seasoning (chicken, fish, beef and game)

For an 'Island' style treat our Jamaican Jerk dry rub has a savory flavor you expect from a spice blend created from one of the great bbq centers on our planet. Aromatic, slightly sweet and just enough spice. Great for chicken, pork, beef, seafood and vegetables. A must try for sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Ya Mon! Also available in our gift baskets. More>
Jamaican Jerk seasoning
Cracked Pepper dry rub
  Cracked Pepper dry rub seasoning (beef, all sorts of beef from t-bone to sirloin, hamburger to roasts) Do you like a great steak or beef in general? Do you like a pepper crust? Our gourmet Cracked Pepper dry rub is a jar full of steak greatness. Blended specifically for beef but also excellent on chicken, in mashed potatoes or sprinkled over a salad and on bacon, yes bacon. You will love this unique gourmet meat seasoning for its robust flavor and smell. Makes great steak easy! More>

Yummy Chicken dry rub seasoning (chicken, potatoes, chicken soup, salad dressing, pasta dishes, all purpose seasoning)

Yummy Chicken, the name says it all. Winner of the "Best of the Q Review" as best overall bbq product. Everything that makes chicken yummy and then some. Sage and rosemary to name a couple. Knox's all natural gourmet Yummy Chicken seasoning also makes an awesome vinaigrette and dressing. Yummy indeed! Our best selling of all our dry rubs and certainly a fan favorite. More>
Yummy chicken dry rub
Special: Order all four Knox's Spice Co.'s bbq dry rub seasonings (Chipotle BBQ, Jamaican Jerk, Cracked Pepper and Yummy Chicken dry rubs) Excellent Christmas gift or housewarming.
Knox's Spice Co.
Seasoning Set $20.00

Knox Bro's. Brand Seasonings
Regional and Specialty Seasonings

All natural gourmet blends, just like all Knox's Spice Co. products, but spanning everything outside of BBQ dry rubs. Seasoning blends created for people who enjoy Middle Eastern, Mexican or Caribbean flavors. Or would like to spice up popcorn or fruit. The Knox Bro's. line was developed for these type seasonings and more are on the way.


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vintage style culinary advertisement


vintage food company poster print advertisement

Created for the love of early American poster advertising, we created a couple posters for our retailers. We had such a response we made some more and now they are available on our site. Great gift for the enthusiast or collector. More>



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Give the gifts of flavor, perfect for the foodie in your life. See all of our unique gourmet bbq gift baskets and our recipe section for an idea of what can be made with our dry rubs. More>Made In U.S.A.

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