Spicy Venison Burgers
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Spicy Venison Buger
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Game / Spicy Venison Burgers

All natural chipotle dry rub seasoning. BBQ seasoning for chicken, beef and pork.
Chipotle BBQ

Chipotle BBQ Venison Burgers, indeed.
Submitted by Steve Z., Ohio

These burgers have excellent flavor and heat. All the measurements are approximate. Make sure to adjust to your personal heat level. Also keep in mind venison can be fairly lean. If you are grinding your own make sure to add some pork fat to the ground venison if you are not going to add ground beef into the mix.


• Ground venison/hamburger mix, 50/50
• Salt
• Pepper
• 1/2 Onion, diced
• 2 Chopped jalapenos
• Pinch Crushed dry thai peppers
• Knox's Chipotle BBQ Rub
• Cheddar cheese or Pepper Jack cheese

Mix all ingredients except Knox's Chipote BBQ Rub and cheese in bowl.

Form blended ground venison/beef into patties.

Rub each side with Knox's Chipote BBQ Rub.

Grill or pan fry.

Top with Cheddar or Pepper Jack cheese.

Serve on a bun or toasted whole wheat bread.


Spicy Mayonnaise, maybe not pretty but really tasty as well!

Mix together and chill. The mayo will take on a brownish color because of the Chipotle and Guajillo peppers but the flavor is not a dull one. Smooth creamy mayo, smoky aroma and a spicy bite all in one shot.

Enjoy the summer! Knox's all natural gourmet BBQ rubs at your service

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